Warranty Information

The automobiles produced and sold by our company are designed and manufactured in compliance with all laws and regulations related to automobiles and have undergone inspection process in accordance with the relevant quality control standards. In the event of a malfunction while the vehicle has been maintained and used in accordance with the inspection and maintenance intervals and instructions on the use specified in the user manual, the company guarantees the following in accordance with our warranty and repair regulations and the Motor Vehicle Management Act.

  1. 1. Scope of the Warranty

    If the car purchased by the customer falls within the warranty repair period under the condition of normal care and use in accordance with the inspection and inspection cycle, instructions on the use as specified in the user manual issued by the company, and if it is found through technical analysis that the vehicle with less than the warranty mileage is defective due to defects in materials or manufacturing, the company will repair the relevant parts and replace them with new parts or warranty parts for our post-warranty. However, if a non-business passenger vehicle, non-business compact passenger vehicle or non-business compact cargo vehicle has a serious defect related to driving and safety, etc., the company will provide a warranty in accordance with the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards.
    ('Non-business' means a vehicle that is not used for the business purposes of a commercial corporation or individual)

  2. 2. Warranty Period and Related Parts

    • The warranty period applies from the date of sale of the new vehicle, and the warranty period or mileage, whichever comes first, will be considered to have expired after the warranty period.

      Category Warranty
      General Body Parts 2
      Exclusive EV Parts 5
      Battery, drive motor, reducer, inverter, OBC, system control device (battery warranty: 65% of SOH guaranteed)​

      ※ Details of warranty service will be announced at the time of vehicle launch.

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