Establishment of a new maintenance PARADIGM
2Way System: The company is recruiting specialized maintenance companies wishing to grow with IREON.

2Way System

House-Call Services

  • ·Provide one inspection service(free of charge)
  • ·Dispatched house-call inspection service(paid)
    (vehicle inspection/diagnosis/exchange service)

In-Store Maintenance Services

  • ·Execute warranty/general maintenance services
    (vehicle performance inspection/diagnosis/repair)
  • ·Operate nationwide cooperative maintenance network
  • ·Sales of general/accident parts(including expendable parts)


2 years / 40,000km

Body and General Parts

(Excluding expendable parts)

5 years / 100,000km

Electric Vehicle Parts

(Including main power battery and
powertrain components)

※ Details of warranty service will be announced at the time of vehicle launch.​

IR3 and IR5 are now available for pre-order!